Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I am a huge fan of Merlin. I’ve got a bunch of Merlin- themed projects in the queue, but these are some initial sketches for a little comic strip about the first few episodes. I keep trying to get people to watch this show so I’m also going to develop an episode guide (definitely some “skippers” although they all forward the story in some way and the cast is always so loveable).


Stay tuned, too, for some Morgana-themed videos and fan-created gems that I’ve found on the interwebs. For the love of Camelot!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Evil Dead 4 Life

One of the best videogames I’ve ever played is Dead Island. If I close my eyes and think back I can almost recapture the terror I had playing for the first time. I was so scared I would barely take any steps forward out of fear of a zombie ambush. I can recall how I, in a chaotic mouse-mashing of panic, destroyed a bikini-clad zombie’s pelvis with the blunt end of an oar while I was full-throat screaming in the dark. The first savage howl of an infected. The repulsive green barf of a floater. The frustration of offing Thugs and Rammers. Shooting things! Fruit snacks! SO MUCH FUN!
So much, in fact that I wanted to write the video game love letters; I decided to write a rap song instead. I know this may come as a surprise but I haven’t written many rap songs in my life. I therefore decided I would look to the masters to get an idea of word flow and stankface—the masters of choice being Die Antwoord. Dear god how I love them! So yes, I wrote the lyrics as a goof on Die Antwoord’s Evil Boy. I saved room for my favorite wordsmith Jzn to write his own verse. Then QueenMob put her brilliant Austrian Slang on the poorly written German verse which I had attempted in babelfish haha
We learned our lyrics off a dummy track and then Jzn went to work on creating the music for us to properly record to. QueenMob painted the amazing backdrop in my apartment while I painted our zombie shirts. What followed was my favorite 80’s movie plot—a ragtag group of people come together to learn about rap, the undead, movie magic, each other, and love. Runny make-up in a NY heatwave! Wolfgirl disemboweling in a piano bar! It was bananas but we did it and I can’t thank all those who were involved enough. Your enthusiasm and joy were… infectious. Har har. PS I broke my toe on the first day of the shoot! (true story)
I really have to take a moment to thank and praise Jzn here. Not only did he encourage me to produce this, but he scored it, recorded and mixed our vocals, lit it, filmed it and edited it in addition to his incredible f*cking rap solo. So amazing! <3
So that’s the story, here’s the video. Enjoy!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Post One! (For America)

Hey there!  I’ve been freaking out trying to think up something spectacular for the daunting “first post” so I’ve decided to just do it. And how appropriate, actually, because that is the whole point of this blog… for me to stop thinking and just do. 

Since the Walking Dead Season 3 Premiere is coming up, and so I can have something to post about until the new-blog jitters wear off, I figured the first few posts should be zombie themed.

Here I am as Zombie Rosie the Riveter, encouraging our undead citizens to roll up their sleeves and chow down across the land. Or perhaps I should say, "bone appetit, America!" Hahahahaha!

What's that?... I shouldn't say that? Oh, OK. I won't then.