Welcome to a world of...MAGIC! (Please imagine a spell-casting gesture complete with spray of rainbow glitter).

My name is sparrow. I wanted a place where I could nerd out about the things I love that would also keep me creatively accountable, that is to say, force me to make my ideas a reality rather than keep them in my head. My head is so greedy! Hence, I bring you... The Mels! A place for the ultimate fangirl (or boy) in all of us.

I've chosen the name the Mels, cause Mel is the ultimate fan. Plus it is fun to use in a sentence. You could say "Ahhhh! I'm a total Mel for dance movies" or perhaps, "Karen O gives me a case of the Mels!" The point I'm trying to make with all this is: we should celebrate the things that make us happy and honor the fools we become when we enjoy those things.

I am a New Yorker who is comprised of roughly 60% the Last Unicorn, 15% Hair Metal, 8% Robot, 4% mermaid and the other 13% maybe outer space, pictures of baby animals, dance parties, boobs, deep sea creatures, science stuff, etc. I love sci-fi, fantasy, nano-technology, the planet Saturn, rock, rap, BBC, video games, Netflix Watch Instantly, mac and cheese, karaoke, Merlin, and lots of other escapist goodies.

My best friend is a crazy, super-talented Austrian illustrator named Queen Mob. We met 2 years ago in a Barbarian hip-hopera. I was the Barbarian. She got to die on my sword 5 times a night as various townspeople, monsters, ninjas. We're the PBJ of besties. Mostly we make jokes about genitals and pretend to hump things. I'll let her tell you about herself, but I will say that we share a love of many nerdy things and I think she has a deliciously twisted perspective.

And then there is my boyfriend/ creative partner jzn. The Ninja to my Yo-Landi Vi$$er. This man has the best brain ever. Seriously, it should be a national treasure. I'll let him write something about himself too, but the amount of talent in this one is unfathomable. Luckily enough, we can all devour the results of his creative toiling. NOM NOM NOM!!!
Now, onward... to the happy place!

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